Support Initiative

One of the initiatives of the Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work


Leadership in supporting social programs and projects locally.


Effective empowerment of individuals and entities to plan and implement entrepreneurial projects and programs that support social work with distinction and professionalism.

Support Initiative Goals

1Spreading a culture of social work.
2Highlight successful models.
3Encourage competition.
4Disseminating best practices and experiences in social work.
5Motivating and honoring outstanding social work.
6Supporting women's entrepreneurial opportunities.

Application Requirements

There are basic requirements that must be present and ready, in order for the submitted project to be considered complete, fulfilling the requirements and acceptable to the support initiative team as a request. These requirements are as follows:

1Attaching the national identity
2Attaching the national identity
3Fill out the required forms at every stage.
4Attach photos and complete information about the project.
5Information about the project implementers.
6Project implementation schedule.
7Feasibility study, if necessary.
8Any other necessary attachments (estimated according to the submitted project).
9In the path of NGOs, the following documents are attached:
A copy of the valid license.
A copy of the latest financial statements approved by the chartered accountant office.
A copy of the decision to form a board of directors.
A copy of the decision to appoint the CEO.
The latest annual report issued by the association.

General criteria for evaluating advanced projects

The award institution can accept the support of advanced ideas in the first stage of social programs and projects or refuse to support them, through criteria that must be invoked, so that the decision of support or rejection is based on scientific grounds, away from personal jurisprudence.


1The quality of the project and the overall goal and its compatibility with the strategic goals of the institution
2Target Group Needs
4Realistic Costs
5Implementation and Follow-up Mechanism
6Participation of Volunteers

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