Umm Al-Joud Award


Despite the progress and development of society, there are human community issues that need to be highlighted and made aware of them. In a way that can help solve and minimize the negative long-term effects. Because there are groups in society who have warned themselves to serve the community and raise awareness of such issues. Through the social media that they own, they have become a positive imprint and a candle of hope for others who need their positive awareness initiatives. It was important that media outreach also be done to high-content social media owners who actively contribute to social awareness, support, and honor to integrate modern technology and social work that serves society.
Therefore, The Princess Seetah Bint Abdul Aziz Award for excellence in social work through the "Um Al-Jude Initiative" is pleased to be a leader in adopting this initiative that links digital media, social media and social work, which is the focus of the initiative's attention. It also emphasizes the building of an educated national personality leading to cultural leadership.
We call Allah to bless this initiative and every initiative aimed at serving the country, the citizens and humanity.

Secretary-General: Dr. Fahad bin Hamad Al Maghlouth.

The Vision

The global leadership in electronic awareness of social work.

The Mission

Optimize the use of social media to promote a culture of social work in the individual and society.



About Um Al Joud Initiative

It is a yearly tribute initiative presented by Princess Seetah Bint Abdelaziz's Award for Excellence in Social work within its different social initiatives for users and activists of social media sites and platforms. Those who have a clear positive impact on educating society on its several issues and creating meaningful and sophisticated social communication content. In many social, charitable and voluntary fields identified by the award and approved it. The honor is held in the month of Joud and generosity Ramadan relative to Umm Al-Joud, which is the name given to Princess Seetah -may Allah have mercy on her- for her generosity.
Furthermore, the "Um Al-Jude Initiative" is a historic extension of the Um Al-Jude Council, which Princess Seetah, -may God have mercy on her- With her humility, and closeness to people. She used to hold this council every month of Ramadan as a way of communication with all groups of society, listening to their needs, demands, and honor.

Award Components

1An honors award with the initiative logo and the field of honor.
2A financial reward for each initiative fields.

General Objective

1Create a competitive environment for social media users to improve content.

Target Group

1Social Media Influencers.

Detailed Objectives

1To highlight the owners of serious social sites with targeted messages and creative initiatives to serve and sensitize the community.
2Honoring the owners of distinguished social networking sites and introducing them to the community to follow their example.
3Contribute to reducing the owners of poor content of all types and categories.
4Integrate social media and social work to serve the community.

Criteria for selection of candidates

#The content should be meaningful and have a positive message.
#The account must have been two years since its account was established.
#The account shall not be aimed primarily at material profit.
#The account shall be in the name of the owner and shall be managed by him or her personally.
#The account should have positive social interaction and acceptance.
#The content of the site does not conflict with the policies and orientations of the state.
#The content of the site should be free from all forms of discrimination, intolerance, extremism and anything that offend the public taste.
#The site must be registered in the geographical location.
#The account holder must be actively interacting with his / her followers.
#The extent to which they use more than one social media account in the same direction.
#They must have creative and innovative contributions to the topics they share on their site in terms of the quality of the material or topic.
#The extent of the content of the site (tweets, pictures, movies, infographic, media coverage, field visits ...).
#The extent of documenting the information material presented that requires documentation and verifying its authenticity.
#The extent of his ability and paper to manage the dialogue with the followers.
#The scientific or social activity must be consistent with what is called for in the content of social communication.
#The effect should be clear and tangible.

Procedures for selecting and honoring candidates

#Forming an advisory committee.
#Adopting the awareness fields of the initiative.
#Set appointments for the initiative.
#Start making a comparison and checking the names of candidates.
#Monitoring the grades of the criteria for participation or nomination.
#Submitting and approving the final list of candidates.
#Honoring the winners.

First: Family and education awareness

This field falls under it:

Contribute to raising awareness of everything that strengthens and supports family ties.
Contribute to raising the awareness of the community of educational issues important and useful.
The use of high-quality means and educational vocabulary to reach all members of society.
Contribute to the dissemination and adoption of any initiatives and programs that address the quality of family and community life.

Second: Education Awareness

This field falls under it:

Contribute to spreading awareness among students of all that can help in their success and raise their level.
Contribute to the dissemination of programs, information, and courses that help in the development and training of students.
Contributing to the dissemination and adoption of any initiatives and programs concerned with the quality of education.
Contribute to spreading success and motivation stories and given scientific and educational messages.
Contribute to spreading the culture of education and learning and preparing the generation to build a great future.
Contribute to spread awareness of the integration between generations of teachers, students and researchers for knowledge.
Contribute to the spreading of the culture of e-learning.

Third: Awareness of public culture

This field falls under it:

Contribution to the dissemination of the role of human as a maker of positive change and progress in his/her society.
To contribute to the dissemination of awareness, acceptance, respect and coexistence with other cultures.
Contribute to raising the individual's sense of belonging and loyalty to their community using public culture to serve the nation.
Contribute to the definition of different cultural aspects of the arts, history, geography, tourism, monuments and others.

Fourth: Awareness of public and mental health

This field falls under it:

Contribute to the dissemination of health awareness, disease prevention and promotion of the concept of health.
Contributing to the improvement of health as a lifestyle.
Contribute to the dissemination and awareness of all aspects related to mental health.
Contribute to the dissemination and adoption of new insights and innovative solutions to deal with health and psychological problems.
Contribute to the dissemination of emergency humanitarian situations and direct society to serve them.
Contribute to the dissemination of community awareness of health (physical, mental, social and environmental).

Fifth: Awareness of people with disabilities and special needs

This field falls under it:

Raise awareness of their rights, affairs and needs and defend their just causes.
Contribute to the dissemination of programmers that are intended for them.
Contribute to guide them to the places that embrace them.
Highlight and encourage their integration into society.
Defending their legitimate issues and rights.
Support them in all forums, events and activities.

Sixth: Awareness of public taste

This field falls under it:

Consolidation of the Saudi national identity, which carries many values, customs, customs, and good traditions.
The distance from everything is harmful, disagreeable and unacceptable.
Draw attention to the aesthetics and value of life.
Work to spread the culture of thanks and gratitude and apology as a way of life.
Disseminating awareness of everything contained in the public taste list approved by the Saudi Council of Ministers.
Consolidating the values of good and giving and devoting a better reality to people's lives with good, influential words and good examples.
Use high-end vocabulary to emphasize community values and preserve the country's capabilities and gains.

Seventh: The field of family and childhood awareness.

This field falls under it:

Educate society in all its categories of the best ways and methods that facilitate their lives.
Introducing the society to the waqf and its benefits and social benefits.
Contribute and participate in spreading the culture of volunteerism and encourage it.
Contribute to the dissemination of everything related to public safety, environmental, traffic and others.
Contribute to the rejection of all kinds of extremism, violence, racism, hatred, extremism, strife and discrimination.
Raising awareness of the country’s systems and contributing to achieving its vision and strengthening belonging to the homeland.
Contribute to raising the awareness of the community to preserve the capabilities of the country and its gains.
Raise awareness of the seriousness of rumors and contribute to the detection of commercial fraud and cover-up and others.
Contribute to any life matters that support good citizenship.

Eighth: Awareness of technology and digital knowledge.

This field falls under it:

Contribute to raising awareness of everything new in the world of technology.
Dissemination of technical solutions, relevant programs and innovative ideas.
Awareness of the damage of modern technologies and methods to address them.
Raising awareness of the safe use of social media for individuals.
Awareness of how to act if you are a victim of extortion.
Awareness of ways to deal with hacked and fake accounts of various social media sites.

Ninth: Awareness of development and human development.

This field falls under it:

Concern for human development and its various issues.
Positive content and sharing related articles and topics.
Participating in the dissemination of cultural information about the importance of human development.
Credibility and objectivity in explanation and simplification of language concepts.
Contribute to the spirit of hope, optimism, joy and happiness and the delivery of positive messages to society.
Investing the word in awakening people's strengths to realize their ambitions.

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Last Word

Princess Seetah Bint Abdul Aziz Award for Excellence in Social Work through the “Um Al Joud Initiative”. To support the owners of these targeted sites and encourage others to do the same in upgrading their websites for the content of meaningful communication to serve social work, which is the goal of all.
The invitation is open to everyone.