Year Character

Year Character Initiative

One of the initiatives of the Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work
Towards an appreciation for those interested in social work

About the initiative

In completion of the vision of Princess Seetah Bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work and related to supporting excellence in social work locally, through the message she carries to foster a spirit of competition between the pioneers of social work and his organizations, the Personality of the Year initiative culminates in these efforts by selecting and honoring a prominent personality each General to highlight the great work and social services it provided and provided to the country / its individuals and organizations, which contributes to enhancing the social and cultural image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through achieving a solid structure, and it is a discretionary initiative that has a privileged position for its association with professional and scientific selection criteria objectively and bear the name of the award.


Leadership in highlighting those interested in social work locally.


Effective stimulation of individuals on creativity and innovation in the creation of entrepreneurial projects and programs that support social work efficiently and effectively.


1 Responsibility

2 Quality

3 Innovation

4 Excellence

5 Solidarity

The Main Goal

Coronation and highlight the efforts of those interested and distinguished in social work.

Target Group

Every citizen is interested in social work from all segments of society.

Detailed Objectives

Honoring the pioneers of community contributions outstanding.
Highlighting supervisory models in social work.

Year Character's Traits and Features

The candidate must have a voluntary community contributions.
National services and achievements should be provided.
To set a good example in his community.
To set a good example in his community.
The candidate should be positive.
The candidate's work should be comprehensive.
That the candidate's actions have a positive and tangible impact on the community.
That the candidate has external contributions that enhance the name of the country in international forums.
The candidate's work must avoid all forms of regional and group racial discrimination.
That the candidate's actions do not contradict the orientations of the state in any way.