Derayah Initiative

One of the initiatives of the Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work
Towards an optimal behavior for a more aware society

About the Initiative

It aims to educate and assist community members on how to best act in sudden and critical situations through conscious behavior and reliable work and knowledge of their rights and duties in order to avoid any problems or damages they need. It is considered the best place to meet face to face with the most skilled and most competent specialists for a practical answer on how to get rid and deal with various sudden and critical life situations for you and your family socially, psychologically, medically, paramedic, technically and security.


Building a conscious society capable of facing sudden and embarrassing situations with the fastest and most successful methods.


Optimal behavior in sudden and embarrassing situations.



The Main Goal

Educating all members of society about how to deal with various sudden and critical situations.

Target Group

Various age groups
All individuals (citizens and residents)
Public, private and non-profit institutions and sectors
Relevant professionals and consultants

Participating Entities

1Government Organizations
2Civil Society Associations
3Companies and Institutions.
4Training and Educational Institutions

Detailed Objectives

Sensitize and assist individuals with how to best act in sudden and critical situations through conscious behavior and reliable work.
Definition of the statutory rights which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recognizes for institutions and individuals.
Introducing entities that serve individuals and institutions in dangerous and critical situations.
Helping to find appropriate solutions to the various daily threat situations (stroke / kidnapping / extortion / terrorist threat / theft ..... etc).

Nature of the Forum


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