The Social Coordination Center


Leading social work with international quality standards.


Encourage the efforts and its integration to provide a distinctive social work that meets the needs of the country and achieves its ambitions and vision.




1To monitor, develop, and document social work of many governmental and non-governmental organizations, while highlighting and featuring their professional and creative aspects.
2To allow coordination between entities and social institutions to benefit from their efforts and achievements in social work.
3To ease the communication of the beneficiaries of these bodies and allow them to be the first to know of new developments
4To encourage healthy competition among entities and social institutions with the aim of providing the best.
5To inform entities and social institutions of every new activity in social work around the world.
6To encourage organized institutional work through technical procedures that suit the modern advancements.
7To contribute to the rehabilitation of distinguished social work leaders to successfully manage social institutions.
8To upgrade social work to an advanced career for greater efficiency and wider horizons.
9To emphasize the principle of sustainability, transparency, and governance in social work.
10To create a social database with programs and specialists serving all those interested in social affairs and individuals.
11To assist these agencies to qualify for local and international awards and obtain the best centers.

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