Tarseekh Initiative

One of the initiatives of the Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work
Towards simplifying, entrenching and spreading social work for women

About Initiative

Based on the saying, "the source of goodness" in the importance of promoting the principles in our life and consolidating them to form an important structure in human formation on all moral and educational aspects, they direct the child and build his personal being to be more confident and positive. As values and principles form the basis of our behaviors, words, and way of thinking, wherever the values are motivating social work, the effect has become clear and reluctant, and this is what we seek in this series by presenting the concept of social work to children in an enjoyable and interesting way through the values and behaviors that help them to wish their responsibility towards society.


Embedding the values of social work for young people.


Simplifying the culture of social work for children and planting the department.



The overall goal

Promoting social work values

Target Group



Encourage children to read.
Instilling values in a child's culture.
Development of social skills of the child.
Develop a child's sense of responsibility towards his community.

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