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Her Birth

Her Highness Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman bin Faisal bin Turki Al Saud was born in Riyadh under the patronage of her late father, King Abdulaziz Al Saud, founder of the third Saudi State. Her mother is Fahdah bint Al-Asi Al Shraim of the Shamr tribe. She had two siblings: the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on him, and Her Royal Highness Princess Noaf bint Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on her. She married His Highness Prince Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al-Kabir and had three sons, Fahd, Bandar and Turki. She also had two daughters, Norah and Noaf. born

Her Death

Her Royal Highness, Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz died in Riyadh on April 14, 2011 (Jumadal Awwal 10, 1432 H), may God have mercy and house her in paradise.


Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work

In order to consolidate Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz’s personal approach and her commemoration, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on him, issued a Royal Decree No. A-109, dated April 12, , 2012 (Jumadal Awwal 20, 1433 H), establishing the Foundation of the Award of Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz for Excellence in Social Work. He was the Honorary President of the Award and its supporter. The Foundation received an award and congratulations from Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa for being the best supporter and sponsor for families who create products across all Arab countries for the year 2015.

Seetah’s Character

  • God blessed her with a personality of a conservative nature, adhering to her religion and preserving everything that it commands. She was known for her:
  • strong patriotism and love for the citizens.
  • strong love for benevolence and relief for the needy.
  • generosity, appreciation and respect for the young and the old.
  • love to stand with what is right and defend it by all means.
  • prudence illustrated by calmness and patience.
  • love for education and knowledge.
  • humility and interaction with all groups of society.
  • quick initiatives for those who needed her help.

Cultural Background

She grew up in the ruler’s palace in Riyadh and gained her traditions and knowledge from the school of her father, the founder, King Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on him. This had a great impact on the development of her personality, which was mainly shaped by the teachings of the Islamic religion through learning the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Her Relationship

Her Relationship with her Family

She, may God have mercy on her, was well known for her piety, devotion, her love for goodness, and for her good-heartedness. When it comes to matters related to her country and its citizens or one of her family members, she would meet with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and HRH Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on them, and privately discuss with them the importance of the matters. She was keen to reunite her family, communicate with them and listen to their problems. To accomplish that, she founded the Harmony (Al We’am) Fund under the chairmanship of Her Royal Highness Princess Latifa bint Fahad bin Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on her. Later, the role of presidency for the Harmony Fund was transferred to Her Royal Highness Princess Fahdah bin Abdullah bin Mohammed, may God protect her. To increase the interconnection between her family members, Princess Seetah established a good habit of gathering the women of the Saud family with all of its tribal branches for an annual family meeting at her home. Thanks to her keenness to reunite her family, this annual meeting continues even after her death, may God have mercy on her.

Her Relationship with the Saudi Society

Her Royal Highness, Princess Seetah, made every effort to open her house to all types of Saudi people. She would meet with them, listen to their problems, and try to find solutions either by following up on their issues, helping them financially, or presenting their problems to those in charge if she was unable to do so herself. She, may God have mercy on her, employed specialists and followers of social networks to understand the suffering of citizens, uncover rumors that do not serve the country and investigate their truth, and then present them to the officials. In this way, she was able to explain to the citizens the reality of the problem, supported by evidence. This led to the establishment of Al Saud Women’s Forum, which was established on May 1, 2003 (29 Safar 1424 H). It consists of the daughters of the royal family. Under her chairmanship and direct supervision, the forum worked to find solutions to these problems. Even after her death, the forum is still working with her approach under the chairmanship of HRH Princess Sarah Al-Faisal, may God protect her.

Her Highness’ Volunteer Work

  • Princess Seetah, may God have mercy on her, completed many volunteer efforts on behalf of the people, including:
  • Restoration of houses affected by floods in Mecca.
  • Assisting some affected families in the Tabuk region.
  • Aroviding winter clothes and supplies to needy families in the northern area of the Kingdom, Leith, Jizan and Taif and through national committees giving care to the needy.
  • Becoming the first to draw attention to and donate to committees caring for prisoners in remote areas.
  • Offering interest and support for the release of women arrested for financial debts in small provinces and remote areas. This reveals part of her humanitarian personality, may God have mercy on her, in the search for the real helpless and extending a helping hand to them.
  • Caring for the released abodoned women prisoners by providing them with Education or vocational training so that these women can be armed with a profession in their lives.
  • Empowering people in need instead of simply providing temporary support. For instance, she was the first to set up bakeries for some young people in Qunfudah and Leith. She also trained them in the profession in advance and then secured enough materials for them for six months.
  • Assisting women prisoners who are getting married to start a new life full of optimism and hope.
  • Requiring the employment of capable orphans in all the projects she, may God have mercy on her, established.
  • Implementing a computer application for families to allow them to sell and supply their functioning household goods. This would enable them to live as productive citizens in the community. The application program could be downloaded on smartphones. It would have several icons to classify the goods in groups, which would facilitate browser access to the product needed, as well as provide a means of communication with the owner of the product and details of the delivery method. Work on this project is ongoing with the cooperation of King Saud University in Riyadh.
  • Providing financial assistance to the orphanages in Daba, Mecca, Jeddah, Riyadh and Jizan.
  • Providing financial assistance to establish a home for women subjected to violence, which is affiliated with the Domestic Family Safety program.
  • Serving as the main supporter of many charities, endowments, and bodies that care for the families of prisoners and patients.
  • Constructing of mosques and wells.
  • Eeducating and training young men and women at her own expense.
  • Encouraging and supporting people with special needs with the necessary training and education at her own expense.
  • Supporting women researchers in universities with research and studies that achieve the development of charitable work in the Kingdom.
  • Launching the Princess Seetah Charity Project for the charitable feeding of the pilgrims of the House of God.
  • Launching the Princess Seetah Project for providing water to the pilgrims of the House of God.
  • Founding the Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Center for Family Development in Al-Wasaqa of Alayth Governorate.

Official Volunteer Work

  • Serving as President of the National Family Safety Program.
  • Contributing to the establishment of Ibn Taymiyyah’s Endowment.
  • Serving as an honorary member of the Saudi Historical Society.
  • Serving as President of Safat al-Khair Project.
  • Serving as President of Al Saud Women’s Forum. Work of the forum includes:
  • Supporting the martyrs on duty who were killed by terrorist incidents.
  • Supporting the people affected by the torrents of Al-Jouf in the northern region in the year 2003.
  • Supporting the people affected by the torrents of Aqba Dele’ in the Abha area in the Southern Region in 2005.
  • Assisting the people affected by the torrents of Makkah in 2006.
  • Supporting the Charitable Endowment Housing project of Prince Salman in 2008.
  • Supporting the Jazan Fisheries Association.
  • Establishment of the Chair of Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz for the Saudi Family Research at King Saud University in 2008.
  • Campaigning for displaced people in the Jazan region in 2009.
  • Campaigning for those affected by the torrents in Jeddah in 2009.

Medals, Awards and Certificates

  • She was awarded the Distinguished Character Award for Charitable Works during the Second Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Social Work Festival in 2010.
  • She was awarded certificates of appreciation from the Kuwait Center for Autism for her generous patronage to the Forum of Pioneers of Giving in the Arab World, “My Experience is the Secret to my Giving”, in 2009.
  • A dedication was awarded from the Center of Hope Day Care in Jeddah from the Forum of Pioneers of Giving for her sponsorship to the first forum in the field of disability in the Arab world in 2009