Yes, it is considered essential, because one of the conditions for nomination for the award is that the organization organizing social programs or joint responsibility be at the Social Coordination Center, and if it is not, its entry can be entered and the membership number is taken and then entered in order to enter it easily and easily, and then enter it into entry.
He is entitled to the condition that he has passed the evaluation stage or developed his own tools.
There is not necessarily to be there a lack of completion of prize requirements or the like. Sometimes the reason is the degree of convergence or trade-off between the work presented by the jury, all based on a professional and scientific basis.

He/She is entitled to apply in one branch only. Unless each application has its own official license.

Record the first date that the initiative was initiated.
A letter addressed to the Princess Seetah award from an official side and signify the nomination of the person in the required branch, signed and stamped, enclosing the official license of the direction.
The prizes awarded to the initiative must be mentioned and not the one that the side got, with the date mentioned.
Any documents that would benefit from more information about the initiative.
The applicant will be provided with an email stating that. Also, the applicants can view their accounts via the following link or enquiry the request
See the following link.
See the following link.
It is a prerequisite for the evaluation of the initiative and its compliance with the criteria to be at least three years from the start date.
It is advertised by the prize site and its social media sites at a time specified by the prize.
Your order status will be updated, and you can follow it at
Through the official communication channels offered.
National achievement An idea, action or effort, physical or moral, aiming to establishing, developing and activating social work to have a tangible effect and is innovative and creative artistic . To be recognized and to have a good reputation and to direct or indirect impact on society. Also, it does not conflict with the country policy. Social Entrepreneurs Individuals who have contributed to the service of humanity in general have provided models of charity work and ideas that have been applied in their community. Good behavior in their own business and social work. Demonstrated success in supporting social work with money, work or creative ideas.
As long as each of them has an official commercial registry, they are entitled to run.
Yes, because non-profit activities are part of the social responsibility programs, it is important that these activities have a clear and specific entity and register as a member of the award's social coordination center.

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