Establishment of the Award

The Princess Seetah bint Abdul Aziz Award for Excellence in Social Work was established under Royal Decree No. A-109, dated April 12, 2012 (Jumadal Awwal 20, 1433 H), which included the approval of the establishment of the Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Foundation for Excellence in Social Work. The preliminary law stipulates that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques is the Honorary President of the Council. Moreover, the Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization. It will be managed by a board of trustees for four years. The headquarters of the Foundation is in the city of Riyadh. Additional branches or offices may be established in the Kingdom's cities.

The Mission

Raising the spirit of competition among the pioneers of social work and organizations.

The Vision

Supporting excellence in social work locally and internationally.


  • Establishing a culture of social, charitable, humanitarian and voluntary work and promoting its noble values.
  • Establishing the social institutional work in all its forms and developing it.
  • Appreciation of the distinguished of both genders in the social work in all its forms and development.
  • Motivating governmental and private bodies to distinguish and be creative in social work.
  • Supporting and encouraging the Islamic Endowment to be the first tributary of social work.
  • Highlighting pioneering and distinguished initiatives.
  • Highlighting the bright aspects and the luminous efforts of social work.
  • Governance of the social work system in all its fields.
  • Building a national heritage in the concept of social work.
  • Encouraging national achievements and distinguished social programs.

The Award Branches

  • The First Branch: National achievements in social work
    The award aims to contribute to the encouragement and appreciation of national accomplishments and their owners in the interest of the country and citizens.
  • The Second Branch: Initiatives to support and encourage Islamic Endowment
    The award aims to reach distinctive endowment models in its various components, and it also motivates community members to increase their contributions in the field of endowments for the development of society and meeting its needs.
  • The Third Branch: Excellence in volunteering programs and projects
    The award aims to encourage social and charitable institutional work, by highlighting the distinguished models of social programs that have the capacity of public benefit, transparency, and effectiveness in providing their services.
  • The Fourth Branch: Social Entrepreneurship in Social Work
    The award aims to highlight the role of pioneers of charitable work, and to highlight the distinct models of them, which motivates other individuals to provide simulated models for them to serve humanity.

Components of the prize

1 Components of the prize

A certificate of appreciation that includes the name of the winner and the reason for earning the prize.

2 Medal

A medal bearing the name and logo of the award.

3 A cash amount

A cash amount, as approved for each branch of the prize

Announcement of the Award

The Secretary General of the Foundation shall hold a conference where institutions and the media shall announce the names of the winners for each subject or specific topic of the fields of the award. In the conference a brief biography of the winners and a description of the winning works will be presented. The date of the award ceremony is also set for the winners.

Award Ceremony

The Foundation organizes a ceremony sponsored by the Honorary President of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. The winners of the award, distinguished figures in the field of social work, and heads of government and civil authorities active in the field of social work from inside and outside the Kingdom will be present. The awards will also be announced in print, audio, and video media and on the websites. If one of the prizes is shared by multiple winners with moral or genuine characters, each of them is entitled to receive the prize.